We have 15 woodland glades of various sizes for camping, most with their own provision for an open fire. The rest of our 44-acre ancient woodland forms the backdrop bivouacking, survival skills and woodcraft.

The centre also makes a great overnight stop for those on expeditions and for training in lightweight camping skills.

Newly refurbished camp centre facilities will open for the 2019 season.

In line with the emphasis on simplicity, Harmergreen Wood has no structured on-site activities.

Update on Harmergreen

Harmergreen Wood, “Our Back to Basics” Activity Centre – Autumn Update

Back in July, we announced the successful conclusion of lease renewal negotiations for Harmergreen Wood and said we would share plans for taking the site forward as they progressed. Since our last update, we have been working hard to understand how we can take the site forward in line with our vision to be able to offer a simple setting for bivouacking, survival skills and woodcraft – as well as traditional camping.

The County Executive have approved the expenditure for an initial programme of works to be undertaken this autumn:

Refurbishment of the toilet block, including a new roof, new sanitary ware and interior redecoration.

Provision of new sewage tanks, moving the site to zero discharge – with the flexibility to cope with the widely variable numbers of users.

Removal of the office, crew building and some sheds, to create more useable space in the camp centre compound and reduce the built footprint in keeping with the vision for the site.

We have also had the results of a structural surveyor’s report on the Stag Cottage building, which has confirmed the findings of the original health and safety audit, that the main hall structure of the building is unsafe for use. On this basis, as part of the initial phase of works, we will be dismantling the main hall, with the aim of salvaging the roof slates and retaining two of the extensions.

It is our intention to retain a Stag Cottage for the future of the site, with options and costs for the replacement structure to be presented to the November County Executive for consideration. After this meeting, we will share the chosen plan.

The site will close for the 2018 season on Sunday 28th October and our target for the completion of these works and re-opening of the site is 23rd March 2019, when we look forward to welcoming you as part of a Hertfordshire Activity Centres “Get Outdoors” open day.

Mark Jefferson

Activity Centres Management Committee Chair